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Trashy Bags Africa understands the pressure that single-use plastic waste is putting on the eco-system all across the world. 

In addition to removing the plastic water sachets from the streets of Ghana, Trashy Bags Africa also support key local projects to assist in the delivery of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world. 

Sea Turtle

Local Turtle Sanctuaries

Trashy Bags Africa is working with local turtle sanctuaries to help increase the population of turtles in Ghana and Western Africa. We are also involved in organising Beach Clean Up days for local companies to assist in combatting the challenge of plastic waste head on.

SchoolBags being handed out to the children of Huapa DA Basic School.jpg

School in a Bag

According to UNICEF figures, 20% of the world’s child population will never attend school - that's 262 million children.

Trashy Bags Africa has partnered with UK-based charity School In A Bag. School in a Bag provides fully packed “SchoolBags” that are donated to children worldwide – in Ghana alone 5,000 SchoolBags have already been delivered over the last 3 years.


Trashy Bags Africa has been working in partnership with the UK Charity ‘School in a Bag’ across Ghana over the last 6 years. Together, with the assistance of financial help of corporations & government initiatives, we raise funds to buy the essential learning materials required to attend and thrive at school. Items are packed into Trashy Bags Africa-produced School Bags, and distributed to children living in rural communities around the country.


We plan to build on this partnership and increase the number of children whose education we can positively impact.


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